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our products

General speaking, Data Storage and Share Solution for various purposes.

Specifically, USB flash drive multi pack , custom flash drives , USB storage peripheral products.

WOrk with amazon

We joined Amazon to sell generic multi pack since end of 2013. It is just right. Amazon values its customers first. That’s why we have belief in them and we have been working with them for the past few years and we believe we will continue growing with them in the future.

Our beliefs

We believe consumer electronics shall be practicable, durable and user friendly.

We believe every customer pays for a good product with a pleasing experience.

We believe a good product carries happiness seeds which will grows in the customers’ heart.

With Enfain ‘s name, we believe we are selling good products Carrying Joy Inside.

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what we can do for you

If you are looking for a reliable vendor for flash drives pack deals, here we are. And we are looking for you too. 🙂

If you are favorable to work with a USB drive factory to customize flash drives, please welcome to contact us!