Custom flash drives for photographers

Nowadays more and more photographers switch to Custom USB flash drives from CD when they send the photos and videos to their clients. The advantages are easy to see. The branded USB flash drives are more portable to take and easy to use especially when there is no CD slot with some computers/ laptops.

When the clients share their treasured photos with their families and friends, they will also share their photoing/ videoing experience along with the Custom branded USB Flash Drives. This may also increase the brand awareness and spread your business.

We recommend the following models especially for photographers, no matter you are wedding photographers, video photographers or everything photographers, you will find a model suit your needs.

No 1. Card Style Custom Flash Drive for Photographers

No.2 Wood Style Custom USB Flash Drive

No.3 Wedding Couple USB Flash Drive Pack

No.4 Swivel Style Custom USB Flash Drive for Photographers

Each USB Flash Drive comes with its individual package for decent handout/ mail-out. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry.