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helps me hold onto usb drives and tools i need to hang up on pegboards.

Its a lanyard..its simple and effective to keep track of little usb drives.

Great to have lanyard to attach to thumb drives that can hang instead of sliding around in a drawer. Color makes it easy to identify the one you need.

Love these. Dreamed of these as an answer to a need; and then I found these on amazon …hurray.

Purchased these frankly to increase the value of my thumb drive order to get free shipping. In actuality these were a nice addition to the thumb drives I purchased. I was giving the drives as gifts to family members with home videos copied onto each. The lanyards were a nice addition, were functional and look great on the drives. They are cheap… buy some!!

Can’t go wrong purchasing these lightweight handgrip lanyards. Fun colors and getting 10 of them for such a good price. I would recommend if you’re looking for lightweight lanyards for your small essentials.

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Enfain Lightweight Hand Grip Lanyard Identifier Holder Attaches for USB Thumb Drives ( Assorted Colors, 10 Pack)

Best for decoration to small essentials such as usb flash drives, keys etc.

USB Flash Drives Lanyards Ultra-thin
USB Flash Drives Lanyards

Sturdy Round Nylon lanyards 7-inch 10-Pack

More sturdy compared to the flat version lanyard above, good for bigger items such as consumer cameras, phones, torches etc.

Enfain round cord Lanyard
Sturdy Round Nylon lanyards 7-inch 10-Pack

Durable Colorful Round Nylon Lanyards 17-inch Long 10-Pack

Good for neck lanyards hanging for phones, cameras and badges.

Sturdy Round Nylon lanyards 7-inch 10-Pack

Enfain 7″ Nylon Lanyards for Usb Flash Drives -Pack of 50 -Black

usb flash drive lanyards bulk by enfain 50 pack black
Enfain 7″ Nylon Lanyards for Usb Flash Drives -Pack of 50 -Black