Enfain®, leading manufacturer of generic usb 2.0 flash drive multipack, and custom logo usb. 

enfain 10 pack box 长Enfain believes consumer electronics ( including USB thumb drives) shall be stylish, practicable and user friendly, and every customer pays for a good working product as promised with a smoothing purchasing experience, in addition, a good product carries happiness seeds which will take root and sprout in the customers’ heart, Enfain team work so hard to make sure we are doing the right thing, till we believe we are selling good products with happiness seeds. Why Enfain makes this?there are occasions a tool is needed to ease the exchange of large files too big for an email attachment, and occasions there is no high-speed connection to transfer the file to the recipient, and occasions a few storage devices are required to categorize informationWhat it does?versatile savvy, with photos, it is a picture album, with music, it is a player list, with product information, it is a user manual, with nothing in, it could be a gift.Enfain® USB drives are widely used in the following sections: 
Data carrier
Promotional Giveaways
Software Distribution
Marketing Presentations
Catalog Distribution
Music, Movie, & Entertainment Distribution
Educational Data, Class Notes, Lessons
Corporate Branding
Wedding photography
Financial business
Families/ Friends share
Embroidery USB
Our regular USB flash drives include Swivel ( = twist turn  ) USB drives, Credit card USB drives, and Wedding couple USB drives.
Capacity ranges from 64MB to 32GB ( includes 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB.)
In addition, we sell USB flash drive lanyards as well. Our USB attachee lanyards 10-pack are designed to partner with USB drives, and win a lot of affections from the buyers. 
Besides of the regular enfain® USB drives, we also provide custom printing on USB drivesBelow are the links to some of the best sellers from Enfain store. Enjoy shopping!
Data Organizer 10 Pack 16GB Multi-color
Enfain USB Black 10 Pack
Enfain USB Drive 16GB Black 10 Pack 
USB Flash Drives Lanyards Ultra-thin
Ultra-light USB Flash Drives Lanyards